Housing units in Via Europa, Mataró
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It is within an enlargement operation of the city of Matarótowards the north, by means of the construction of a new avenue named Vía Europa, whereBrulletDeLunahas received the commission to build a block of housing units. The site is a corner and on one side faces Vía Europa and on the other CarrerDinamarca. The urban organisation determines the construction of two volumes: one higher rectilinear construction (GF+6) which marks the linear nature of Vía Europa and another lower one (GF+3), in the form of a circumference arch that follows the curved outline of Carrer Dinamarca.

Access to the housing units is made via the rear part of the block by means of a community passage. On the ground floors facing VíaEuropa shops are planned with generous double heights designed to accommodate commercial activities.

The main material used is quite a light open brickwork that will provide a sensation of massive volume to the construction. In contrast, the arrangement of a gallery on the finished façade with fine crosspieces in aluminium, moving wooden blinds and fabric awnings provide lightness to the building, which at the same time makes up an intermediate space useful for energy control.

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