Housing units in Gavà
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The complex of housing units is situated on the tangent of the urban boundary of Gavà, facing AvingudaJoan Carles I and a new road, so that it comprises a block in the form of an arrow-shaped triangle with a north-facing point. Although initially, on seeing the positioning and the terrain, it seems that the new buildings occupy a peripheral position, their closeness to the town hall square afford them a notable urban centrality, and must therefore have an image that serves to build the city.

The presence of good views towards pinewoods that surround the site and the historic centre of Gavà, as well as a fairly irregular topography, are all fundamental factors of consideration on conceiving the project. The volume proposed by BrulletDeLunais based on the planning for the GavàTown Hall introducing a small modification: volume in the form of amoeba that enables us to decompose the volume (in such a way that the central space of the block and the other volumes improve its exposure to sunlight) and at the same time introduce a differentiating compositional element that provides homeliness and removes stiffness from the complex.

The housing model is based on a lineal distribution where the living room, kitchen and bedrooms are situated on the façade, leaving the rear part to place the hall and entrance, corridor and bathroom, the latter two illuminated and ventilated by means of a large inner courtyard that also serves to hang clothes to dry. The crossed ventilation and the natural illumination provide the interior space with the necessary environmental atmospheric comfort.

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