Multi-family housing units in Manresa
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The project is based on the volumetric ordering obliged by urban planning that is characterised by an irregular ground plan form, the demand for a high density edification and the opening of a small square on the east side. The central question will be finding the suitable typology for these demanding volumetric conditions. The solution adopted proposes a housing unit arranged in strips that aim to be a certain continuation of the narrow strips of plot division typical of the old centre of Manresa. This system of strips is structured around a courtyard which leads to the building and which contains the two vertical nuclei of communication.

As regards the interior distribution of the housing units, the services strip is placed between the living room and the bedrooms. The ground floor entrance is via the passage that crosses the building connecting the new square and CarrerBarreres. The ground floor is completed with commercial premises.

The openings on the façade respond to the typological modulation by strips and are therefore related to the very dimensions of the neighbouring constructions of the old quarter. In the final dimension of the openings the needs of natural light of the interior of the housing units are also considered.

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