Housing units in Nau Gaudí
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Along with the commission to rehabilitate NauGaudí, MataróCity Council has requested from BrulletDeLunaa proposal to undertake a general ordering of the area surrounding the Nau building. Included within this ordering is the design of the façades of the new complex of housing units that close the square where NauGaudí is inserted.

It thus involves obtaining a suitable façade to accompany Gaudí’s work. The starting point of the project is the search for materials with powerful tectonics capable of coexisting with the presence of the Nau building. We opt for a combination of brick and wooden construction, framed within a screen of steel sections. The resulting texture combines the materiality of the old early 20th-century factories, the structural order befitting technical rationality and the necessary homeliness for a building of housing units. Also of importance is the proposal of a deep façade with a gallery-balcony that generates an intermediate space, interesting from both the climatic point of view and for the play of space that it creates.

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