Housing units in Can Werboom
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The 24 social housing units are situated in the municipal district of Premiá de Dalt, in the area of Can Werboom. The construction is placed in an oblong within the site and is scaled in order to adapt to the slope of the street. The roof parallel to this level completes the complex.

The façade is in line with the Sant Pere stream so the proposal is to place the building occupying the first 11.67 m, leaving the remaining space as courtyards, to move the rear façade away from the single-family housing units located in the interior of the block. The building is understood as a single lineal block of a low ground floor plus two storeys, although it is occasionally interrupted to achieve permeability between the Riera de Sant Pere and the interior of the block. Beneath the continuous roof appears a large space that functions as the entrance to the homes.

The entrance to the housing units on the ground floor is via a porch that provides a certain amount of privacy and distances the door from the street. It is resolved with a double structural operation. In the first we come across the hall, kitchen and lounge; in the second there are the three bedrooms, the bathroom, toilet and a distribution space. All the rooms face the exterior with the exception of the bathroom and toilet that have forced ventilation. The housing units have a terrace that faces the interior courtyard of the block. The shared access for the housing units is via a porch-doorway that connects with Carrer de la Riera de Sant Pere and the interior where the centre is formed by the stairway and adapted lift that links the ground floor with the second floor, where the entrances to each housing unit are. These housing units are also resolved with a superimposed operation. In the operation at entrance level are the hall, kitchen, lounge with balcony and stairway to reach the lower floor where the double and single bedrooms are, and the bathrooms and a distribution space.

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