Housing units in Vilassar de Mar
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The project consists of 33 social housing units, a car park and commercial premises in the sector of “Les Pinedes”, a space located beside the Vilassar de Mar stream. The setting is characterised by a large dispersion of buildings of different types and volumetries, which do not produce an attractive public space and which leave both the future civic facility and the passage behind the blocks as background spaces.

The proposal is global, both in the sense of proposing a new volumetric solution for the new blocks and for their relationship with the facility. This global focus involves personalising the free spaces of the block and optimising them.

The organisation of the buildings enables the south-facing orientation of nearly the whole space of the home, thus achieving good climatic and atmospheric control with the position of the front terrace. A spatially generous model home is sought and full of light. With the option of increasing the usual height of the homes (from 2.50 m to 3.20 m) very comfortable transversal ventilation is made possible without causing air currents, as occurs in traditional architecture.

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