Chemical Technology Service (STQ), URV
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It is the first building constructed on the Sant Pere de Sescelades campus. It is organised around an agora, measuring 45 x 40 metres, which houses the entire programme of the Technology Service around it.

In terms of the landscape this building is understood as a clear and calm volume within its setting. The type of building chosen is of a single storey, in accordance with its suitability to the position and the programme. It formally seeks simplicity and a certain austerity in the volumes and materials planned, with the idea that the constructive act and the light will emphasise the good qualities of the project. The grey of the concrete dominates all the exterior façades and contrasts with the green that covers the agora, where autochthonous trees such as pines also take a leading role.

The adoption of a building-courtyard type represents the recognition of underlying ways of life in this geographic context, and also shows an undeniable efficiency in the organisational capacity of the programme proposed and in the establishment of an interior-exterior relationship. In this sense, the different systems of protection from the sunrays adopted in each of the internal faces of the central courtyard are the elements that will contribute to the final architectural characterisation of the building.

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