Medical and Social Services Centre Salt
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The medical and social services centre building is the last construction of the series of buildings of the Martí y JuliàHospital Centre in Salt that also includes the Hospital of Sta. Caterinaand the psychiatric hospital, both of them also planned by BrulletDeLuna. The new building is located in the southwest part of the site and has a constructed surface area of 7,214 m2. The starting point for designing the public health centre was its integration into the whole complex of the hospital centre. A building has been designed with basement, ground floor and a single floor. The building is made up of three large pieces, each one with rooms and a common hall. Each piece is completely surrounded by green areas that qualify the interior spaces. The precise work with the natural light and the choice of warm materials give the structure a homeliness that is capable of satisfying the needs of the residents of the centrewho, given that they must spend long periods of time in the building, should feel “at home”.

The new building has a geriatric medium and long-term inpatients unit with 22 rooms, a psychogeriatric inpatients unit with 22 rooms and a psychogeriatric dementia inpatients unit with 21 rooms. There is also a geriatric day centre and a dementia day centre, each with a capacity for 25 places, and which share services such as reception, medical offices and nursing, rehabilitation room, storage spaces… Finally, there is a geriatric and dementia diagnosis and evaluation unit that is made up of five offices, a waiting room and a meeting room.

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