B and J Buildings Faculty of Engineers
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The proposal for the new Faculty of Industrial Engineering is based on the volume established for the campus complex. Accepting the leading role of the avenue that divides the campus as the backbone of the whole, our project proposes a slight enlargement that, without causing the avenue to lose its linear essence, introduces an expansion to it that generates a small square in the style of the Venetian “campi”.

The buildings housing the faculty seek integration into the campus as a whole by means of an offset volume. They are also planned lower than their neighbours in order to introduce a certain perceptive variation.

To order the buildings we propose a series of English-style courtyards that control the interior-exterior relationship, ordering the traffic and visuals of the interior of the building, and at the same time providing an interesting spatiality to the connection between the two buildings that occurs beneath the avenue. This underground floor, of great functional importance, receives light through the abovementioned English courtyards and also through the skylights situated in the enlargement planned for the upper avenue.

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