Hospital Moisès Broggi, Sant Joan Despí
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The Hospital ofSant Joan DespíMoisèsBroggiis a newly-constructed hospital aimed at providing service to a population of 300,000 inhabitants from the county of BaixLlobregat.

The organisation and arrangement of the hospital within the site is determined by the hospital entrances, the orientations and the topographic conditions of the terrain.

A large park is planned that connects the hospital with the city. Its character and atmosphere are designed according to the needs of the hospital. The green space and trees extend as far as the courtyards of the hospitalisation units, connecting the hospital with the park. On the façade on AvingudadelBaixLlobregatthe plan is for a strip of green land with a topography that protects the outpatients area and the hospital from the noise of the traffic on the avenue. The main entrance to the hospital is via this green area, at the highest point of the site.

The main entrance to the health clinic area is independent and is located on the north façade, closer to the public transport stops (tram and bus), and the emergencies entrance is placed at the lowest level, at the northeast end of the site.The healthcare and public traffic is planned differently with clarity and free of interferences between them, in order to afford good orientation for the users. Other important criteria during the conception of the project have been the desire to plan sunny hospitalisation units with good views, taking into account the natural light and the choice of materials to build a hospital at the service of people.

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