Cirera Molins Primary Health Centre extension
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The project for the reform and enlargement of the new CireraMolinsPrimary Health Centre (built in the early 90s by Manuel Brullet) represents an intervention at two levels. Firstly, the reform of the current health centre, which mainly affects the interior design; and secondly, the enlargement with a new building that relates naturally to the current building and the new proposal for arranging the Mataró Town Hall, with the incorporation of a new park.

The criteria for the reform involve an intervention of a minimum nature that does not affect the image of the current building. In this sense the entrance space and the stairs are maintained unchanged, and the necessary repair work operations are promoted. Also planned is the construction of a new flat roof that incorporates certain modifications to the installations system.

Two elements condition the project for the new building: the strong character of the implantation of the existing building and the new organisational proposal with a large green space that will be developed parallel to the Cirera road. The new building is a circular element of a single storey in height and the beginning of the park. It is a transitional element between building and landscape, which due to its singular form can be understood as a part of the health centre but also part of the park.

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