Del Mar Hospital
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The enlargement and remodelling project of the Hospital del Mar had a twofold objective: defining the new functioning and physical organisation of the Olympic hospital and consolidating its structure and image within the actions and projects of the nearby seafront.

From the urban point of view the new buildings of the hospital had to connect the district of Barceloneta with the new Olympic Village by means of the organisation of a new façade of the seafront. It further provided the opportunity to integrate these hospital facilities with the section of green spaces of the seafront, providing environmental, pleasant and soft architectural spaces.

The natural light, the inside-outside relationship and the search for a homely atmosphere were the guiding parameters in defining the project. Obtaining this comfortable atmosphere is suggested from both the functional personalisation of the building, which avoids overcrowding in the entrances, consultancies and hospital services, and in the personalisation of each subset of the hospital. It also involves the appropriation of space by the healthcare staff, based on the attention to the functional contents of each space.

To achieve a homely atmosphere the contents of the space had to be studied in depth. The idea of spatial comfort comes, in part, from the possibility of the appropriation of space. In this sense the attempt was made to ensure that all the facilities were amalgamated within the general atmosphere in the most harmonious way possible. All the spaces possess the most advanced facilities, but this is not shown ostentatiously. The furnishing is an essential element in the personalisation of the architectural spaces and in attaining the abovementioned homely atmosphere.

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