Santa Caterina Hospital
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The plan for the new Santa Caterina Hospital is influenced by the character of the buildings and gardens of the neighbouring psychiatric clinic. The plan involves the construction of pavilions in order to maintain the sensation of minimum density in the interior part of the park. The appearance of the courtyards, between these one-storey pavilions, gives natural light and atmosphere to the interior and also serves to connect the trees of the park with the hospital.

A low and extensive hospital has been designed, organised from a twofold reticular mesh in two superimposed directions on a lineal structure of east-west growth. This mesh of circulations coinciding with this direction is a parallel circulatory whole that takes in hierarchized circulations, some for the staff and others for the users. These circulations divide the hospital into strips. Each unit or service seeks its place in this mesh of relationships.

The abovementioned organisation involves a hospital structure where growth and modifications are not only possible but are also considered as a premise of the general design. An open organisation results in which there is room for possible restructurings of future enlargements.

The architectural proposal facilitates a direct and clear understanding of the organisation of the building by the users so that at all times they know and can find their way around the hospital. The light (by means of lighting, skylights and courtyards) and the exterior views contribute to increasing the comfort of the healthcare staff and users of the hospital.

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