Psychiatric hospital in Salt
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The current nature of the park and the low heights of the existing pavilions, which give a pleasant air to the complex, are considered highly positive for the therapy of psychiatric patients. The hygienist tradition of building health facilities in a natural setting is a good premise for the organisation of the centre.

The building has been divided into three infirmary units as defined in the functional plan, placing two on the ground floor and one on the first floor. This first floor is connected to the gardened area with the aim of avoiding the isolation of this unit from the exterior.

The arrangement of the floor in an L-shape enables us to define some courtyards open towards those dedicated to all the common and public activities of the centre; it also enables the differentiation between the daytime and night-time areas. In this way, the coppiced area and the garden become basic elements in the arrangement of the building.

The image of the building endeavours to integrate with the size of the actual and future coppiced area, avoiding an excessively tall or large building damaging the balance between edification and vegetation. Seen from a distance it must be a clear, representative and identifiable image, but not too hard: the size, colour and rhythm define these values.

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