Trans-frontier Hospital
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The hospital building is placed completely in the north of the site in order to achieve a large free space, of 9,000 m2 on the south façade of the building and avoiding the shadow of the five-storey block of housing facing the hospital. The building will be used to structure and define the enlargement of the city, formalising the planned streets and structuring a large square with trees. This square is at the end of the new urban passage that links the current centre of Puigcerdà with the new enlargement. This space will act as the limit of the urban enlargement and as a visual reference point, since a large tower of facilities will appear.

For reasons of urban planning, functionalism and sustainability, the hospital building is proposed as a single, compact volume, with the longest façade facing directly southwards. This volume of trapezoidal section is characterised by a single sloping roof, from south to north, which links the hospital with the facing square and the neighbouring mountains. The building is adapted to the geometry of the streets behind the square and links the hospital with the housing units in a compositional way. The whole hospital is shifted 12 metres south in order to allow the full force of the sunlight into the housing units behind the hospital. A forceful image for the hospital has been sought, of a large installation and an urban landmark, to characterise the new urban enlargement of Puigcerdà. Its horizontal composition, the large roof and the vertical counterpoint of the installations tower organise and customise the whole setting.

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