Lecture room building of Sciences of Education UAB
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The project plans for the construction of a new lecture room building for the Faculty of Sciences of Education that replaces the current one which is in a highly deteriorated state. The tender requires the construction be undertaken in 4 stages that will progressively replace the current building. The construction process of one of the stages must not impede being able to continue giving classes in the rest of the building. Moreover, a certain continuity of traffic must be guaranteed between the old building and the new one while the replacement process is under way. To such demanding requirements of execution should be added the fact that the site that the current lecture room building occupies has a notable gradient.

The proposal by BrulletDeLunais based on the work in the transversal section. It involves a staggered section of three levels that make up a large central space, illuminated by a blended overhead light from the south. This central space becomes a large connecting setting of the new lecture room building and concentrates all the traffic, connecting the three floors of the building via stairways. On the ground floor we find a large number of classrooms as well as the administration offices. In the basement the study room is accompanied by another large section of classrooms grouped together. The first floor brings together all the seminar rooms.

At campus level, BrulletDeLuna´s project endeavours to provide a certain order to the spaces adjoining the lecture room building. For the Plaçade lasOliverasa change of paving is proposed that transforms it into an easily-passable single space capable of being the new connecting centre of the different buildings that surround it. The other main operation that will be undertaken will be the re-urbanisation of the space annex to the east façade of the lecture room building, endeavouring to qualify it as a connecting space between the Faculty of Translation and as an arrival point from the FGC, the Catalan railway network.

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