Campus of the University Rovira i Virgili
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The project seeks to strengthen and define the image of this large university area of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili and use urban planning as an instrument to overcome the constructive chaos that dominates the area. The arrangement of the new streets connects this university area with the city and the creation of a ring-road for vehicles means the development of the new pedestrian campus.

The new university area is formalised by means of some large blocks of buildings connected to the street, which define the image of the streets and pedestrian avenues. Inside these large blocks are created different agorae, squares and courtyards. The interior areas are used as a way of generating the whole edification, following typically Mediterranean models of urban implantation and more specifically the models of the buildings of Roman Tarragona.

The university constructions are considered as being within a constructive whole and the university area complex is integrated into a soft fabric, defined by the green, in which the establishment of a tree-filled area is a formal element and of environmental importance.

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