Hospital of Terres de l´Ebre
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The proposal for the new Hospital de les Terres de l’Ebrecomes from the analysis of the conditioning factors of the site situated in a suburban area of Tortosathat has strong potential of urban growth. The new hospital aims to order the guidelines of this growth.

The proposal involves a compact volume, before which a large park is built that serves as the setting for connecting the hospital with the future urban growth.

The project faces the hospital areas that need more natural light to the south, while concentrating sufficient constructed mass in the north-west, avoiding the violent effects of the Vent de Daltnorth-westerly wind.

The resulting volume is a pointed organisation that concentrates on the south face the units of hospitalisation, outpatients sections, teaching units, administration, etc... whereas the more opaque elements such as the operating theatre block are on the north face..

The entrances to the hospital are arranged distinguishing the different functional requirements. The main entrance to outpatients is located within the park on the south façade. Emergencies are reached by the north façade where the goods entrance is also placed. Independent access to the primary healthcare area is also on this façade.

Other criteria such as the specialisation and optimisation of traffic, sustainability and spatial quality have also been decisive in the conception of the project.

Location: Av/ Generalitat, Av/ Ports de Besseit s/n.
Promoter: Consorci Sanitari Integral
Surface area of site: 33.500 m2
Built surface: 53.527 m2
Contest date: 2010
Signature architects: Manuel Brullet, Alfonso De Luna, Albert de Pineda