Casa de la Cultura of Girona
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The tender for the new Casa de la Culturaof Gerona requires the construction of a new cultural pole of attraction for the city. It involves rearranging the old building of the Casa de la Culturadesigned by Ventura Rodríguez in 1760. BrulletDeLuna’s project proposes conserving the large building –organised around a large courtyard- and the church, since they are the two pieces of most architectural interest. In contrast, it involves knocking down the neighbouring building with the small courtyard, which is no more than an element added to the original project, and constructing a new building in its place.

The initial idea for the intervention will be the relationship between the old building and the new one. The old building represents the unquestionable majesty of the architectural tradition; it is the element that provides stability and solidity to the whole. The new building, in contrast, represents the need to update the architectural legacy incorporating more programmatic flexibility and a higher level of interconnection between architecture and city. In this sense the central space of the new building will be a large entrance hall that will connect with the Plaçadel Hospital and the Plaça de la Diputación (perhaps as if it were an interior street), and at the same time will serve as an access space to the whole and a distributor of pedestrian traffic.

The programme of the new Casa de la Culturais quite extensive. BrulletDeLuna’s proposal divides it into three large settings. The first will be placed in the basement and will house performance and audition halls. The second will be in the already existing building and will contain the most representative public spaces: exhibition rooms, library and the offices of the Casa de la Cultura. The third setting, made up of the conservatory and the multiuse space of the CCG foundation, require a higher functional flexibility and this is why we plan to place it in the new building.

Location: Casa de la cultura, Girona
Promoter: Diputació de Girona
Surface area of siter: 5.400 m2
Built surface area: 10.000 m2
Contest date: Juliol 2007
Signature architects: Manuel Brullet Tenas, Alfonso De Luna i Mateu Barba