Hospital of Viladecans
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Without The place, without a specific and unique positioning, architecture does not exist.

The object of the tender is the construction of a hospital in the city of Viladecans. City and hospital are interdependent: the values of the hospital are to urban needs what the quality of the setting is to the hospital building.

The planning proposal involves the design of a large square to the south of the hospital, This large square serves as an element of union between urban sections of a different structure that encircle it: it reconnects this section to the east with the old centre, to the west the “Poblat-Roca” and the new western plan, to the south with the new plan for the town centre and to the north with the large-scale facilities of Torrent-Ballester.

On designing the project, of utmost importance is the geometric situation within the site of the current hospital building erected between 1951 and 1953 with a project by the architect Ramón Bayo. The need to conserve this construction, historic heritage of Viladecans, marks out all the interventions. Our project seeks to integrate the old and the new hospital in that the resulting building is something unitary. As a consequence of this decision, it was decided to “package” the old building within the parallelepiped volumes of the new building, framing all the volumes within a large roof.

The projects also seeks the optimum organisation of traffic at a level of hospital functioning, as well as a correct relationship with the movements of pedestrians within the city that condition the different entrances to the hospital. Other criteria such as the work with natural light, sustainability or spatial quality have also been decisive in the conception of the project.

Location: ILLA definida per: Avinguda de Lluís Morè del Castillo, Avda. Josep Tarradellas, Avda. de Gavà, Carrer del Doctor Clúa. Viladecans.
Promoter: Consorci Sanitari Integral
Surface area of siter: 24.000 m2
Built surface area: 37.000 m2
Contest date: 2007
Signature architects: Manuel Brullet, Alfonso De Luna, Albert de Pineda