Can Mates infant and primary school
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The typology adopted to deal with the two-stream primary school programme is that of the central ground plan, recommended by all pedagogues for its capacity to generate a unitary idea of the school, and a psychological and physical control of the child over their spaces.

This arrangement around a “square-cloister” of the whole pedagogical programme gives the school a homely nature that is essential for its functioning.

The “square-cloister” is visually and volumetrically connected to the small hill beside it, establishing a formal and functional relationship between the empty space of the “square-cloister” and the volume of the hill with pine trees and broom.

The “square-cloister” connects physically with the sports fields located in the north by means of a large opening that acts as a porch and which relates the level of the small square with the level of the porches and the specialised classrooms of the ground floor.

The small square has some steps facing the multi-use hall that enables the whole school to come together for festivals and collective activities.

The infant school, organised lineally and facing southeast, is particularly characterised by the type of classroom, with a complex interior structure made up of a large space accompanied by distinct corners for different activities and settings. Each classroom has an exterior class that at the same time leads to the general playground of the infant school.

The architectural-pedagogic proposal of the building links up with the pedagogic experiences of the "Pedagogic Research Council” and with school groups of the Barcelona City Council in the times of the Community of Catalonia. The typology of the Central Floor, the image of landmark of the building, the relationship with the setting, the multinuclear organisation of the classrooms around a space or the homely nature, are one of the most relevant conceptual nucleuses of this type of project.

Location: Can Mates, St. Cugat del Vallés
Promoter: Ajuntament de St. Cugat del Vallés
Surface area of site: 8.500 m2
Built surface area: 3.500 m2
Contest date: 2007
Signature architects: Brullet Tenas i Alfonso De Luna