Hospital Trueta
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Large hospitals have been systematically located far from the city, as if a diffuse but real stigma insistently marks them. It is an atavism that should be changed.

This is the idea in Girona. In this sense it is interesting they have chosen to bring the newTruetahospital closer to the city, even though it is by just a few metres. Our project attempts to explain that the new building not only turns towards the city, but that it can be improved if the large commercial centre on an adjacent extensive piece of land that today is close to the hospital is replaced. It would involve moving it to avoid an inconvenient distance and replace it with new residential homes with shops in the street and even take in the establishment of a new faculty of medicine that would share the square/lobby in front of the new Trueta. It means uniting the hospital a little better to a district of the city that also needs to gain critical mass, that is, volume and space to reveal the diversity of the urban provision.

The option of a lengthened, horizontal building, low in height, that goes from the Avingudade França to the fluvial park and meadows of the River Ter solves, from our point of view, the functional, environmental, landscape, formal and symbolic problems of the building to be constructed.

Location: Av. de França, s/n, Girona
Promoter: Consorci Sanitari Integral-Cat Salut
Surface area of site: 27.580 m2
Built surface area: 74.000 m2 (+11.500 m2 d’aparcament)
Contest date: Octubre 2006
Signature architects: Manuel Brullet Tenas, Alfonso De Luna i Albert Pineda