Housing units in Esplugues
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The project falls within a highly unstructured urban organisation dominated by buildings devoid of commercial and administrative use or machinery.

Within this setting we propose the building of blocks of housing units that are structured around a large lengthened rectangular public square.

Taking into account the volumetric structure of all the buildings on the block and the general space between them as a whole, we see the need to divide it into two rectangular pieces as an essential element of the composition plus one piece greatly characterised with a ground plan in the form of amoeba that will polarise the attention of the whole and arrange all this interior space with its singularity.

This construction of more domestic and suggestive forms will provide more formal cheerfulness to the whole complex of the block, taking away its harshness and crowded nature. Blocks A and B1 have been planned with the same type of housing unit.

Location: Esplugues de Llobregat, sector St. Llorenç
Promoter: Impsol
Surface area of site: 4.442 m2
Built surface area: 10.900 m2 (+12.700 m2 de pàrking)
Contest date: Setembre 2005
Signature architects: Brullet Tenas i Alfonso De Luna