Town planning in Premià de Dalt
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The tender for ideas has a very ambitious approach for the town of Premià de Dalt: the proposal for a new town centre, necessary from both a geometric standpoint (the town has grown a lot towards the south) and a functional one.

The slogan that BrulletDeLuna has chosen for the project,“THE NEW EXCITES ME AND I LOVE THE OLD”, aims to express the basic content of this proposal for the tender of ideas. The new town centre must provide urban services in accordance with the current functional requirements, incorporating a modern image for the new buildings and spaces. However, at the same time, we cannot lose the major aesthetic and environmental qualities of the current layout of the town centre of Premià de Dalt.

In this sense, BrulletDeLuna’s proposal deals with defining an urban structure understood as the extension of the layout of the old centre. The new commercial square and market connect with the torrent, which is the essence of the town. This square has a sheltering presence and generates a protected space for the people who use it: it is a square on a domestic scale, a space for social relations. This square extends eastwards like a street-square (in the way of the Venetian “campi”), becoming a large space for strolling with sea views.

Location: Àmbit de La Fàbrica, Premià de Dalt
Promoter: Ajuntament de Premià de Dalt
Surface area of site: 19.818 m2
Built surface area: 22.500 m2 (+12.700 m2 de pàrking)
Contest date: Juny del 2002
Signature architects: Brullet Tenas i Alfonso De Luna