Housing units in Plaça Sardà
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The setting is characterised by a large dispersion of buildings of different types and volumes, the nexus that relinks all these projects being the thoroughfare of the Gran Vía.

Our proposal is global for the whole site, in the sense of proposing a volumetric solution for both the housing units for young people (10,000 m2, 2/3 of the site) and the housing units for the elderly (5,000 m2, 1/3 of the site).

Due to these circumstances we think that the volume of our project must appear as an autonomous volume of good formal quality and solid, which has a dialogue in opposition to the large tower, finished with a curtain wall that is present on our block.

Although the proposal is inscribed exactly within the limits of the proposed site, we believe that by pulling it back some 6 metres from the edge of the large tower we will achieve more autonomy for it as well as optimising the free spaces of the island, personalising them.

All the housing units are facing south, and due to the entrance alleyways, are self-protecting from the noise of the Gran Vía. The natural crossed ventilation, the abundance of natural light and the spatial comfort have been the keys in designing the typology.

Location: Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes 120-126, Barcelona
Promoter: Patronat Municipal de l’habitatge
Surface area of site: 4.000 m2
Built surface area: 15.000 m2
Contest date: Desembre 2001
Signature architects: Brullet Tenas, Alfonso De Luna i Conxita Balcells