Gas Natural Offices
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The land chosen by Gas Natural to place its new central offices seeks to relate this positioning with the history of Catalana de Gas within Barcelona and build beside the old sites of Catalana de Gas where there remain very obvious architectural traits such as the old Torre d’Aigüestower and the structure of the old gas tank.

The volumetric proposal is that of a glass cylinder of 32 metres in diameter and 80 metres in height that provides a good response to the problems of form, urban scale and representativeness that the new building poses.

The urban fabric of Barcelonetabeside the coastal ring road and the Parque de la Barcelonetais made up of projects of a different grain and of a greater scale to that of the layout of the island blocks of Barceloneta. On the façade of the coastal ring road there is a large edified front of a great length of blocks of housing units consisting of a ground floor and nine storeys, and on the façade of the Parque de la Barcelonetathere is the macro-island of housing units of La Maquinista, of a ground floor and five storeys.

The new building-tower would be an integrated construction response within the package of large volumes of this perimeter of Barceloneta.

The cylindrical form of the building-tower in completely intentional and seeks to separate itself formally from the two skyscrapers of the Villa Olímpica (the Hotel Arts and the Torre Mapfre), and at the same time forms a visual point of interest similar to the towers of the cable car, the Torre d’Aigüesof La Catalana, the block of the Hospital del Mar or the Torre Colom.

Location: Barcelona
Promoter: Gas Natural
Contest date: 1999
Signature Architects: Manuel Brullet Tenas i Alfonso De Luna