Special school in Badalona
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The ground for building the school has a very steep terrain with an east-west gradient of 16.20m. Despite this terrain being so irregular, the project proposes that all the classrooms have an exit on the same level that enables the prolongation towards the exterior of the classes. The project also proposes a school that is not overcrowded, which enables greater pedagogic orientation of the centre due to a more comfortable relationship between the space and the pupils.

The different educational requirements that the pupils have in the diverse stages of their growth justify the functional separation that the project proposes between the infants section –situated at the higher level of the terrain– and the primary and secondary sections –situated on the lower platform of the school at the level of the playing field-.

The proposal for the new school is also focused on suitable treatment of energy flows. With this in mind, we propose a sustainable building with good solar control, a large amount of natural light that illuminates all the rooms in the building, with crossed ventilation, etc…

Location: Carrer Rubén Darío i Sant Vicenç, Badalona
Promoter: Institut Municipal de Serveis Personals de Badalona
Surface area of site: 4.875 m2
Superfície construïda: 4.820 m2
Contest date: 2008
Signature architects: Brullet Tenas i Alfonso De Luna