Olot Hospital
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The building is organised from the presence of a small oak and acacia wood that is the most characteristic element of the site. The planned building is structured in two volumes connected sideways by a lineal element. The first body (ground floor, first floor and basement), has a compact, almost square ground plan (80 x 70 m), organised around two large lineal courtyards. In this section are the external consultancies, the outpatients department and the healthcare services.

The second body has a U-shaped ground plan and is organised around a courtyard of 50 x 42 m. It is completely open to the south, the sun and the light, and leads to the small wood. This section mainly houses the four hospitalisation units.

Connecting the two parts is a lineal porch-hall that organises all the accesses and space distribution. The main entrance is via the south and we also propose a secondary entrance in the north. The two entrances have a porch that reaches the street to protect the hospital centre´s users from the rain and sun. On the west side of the north façade a small volume of ground floor is planned that houses the kitchen and installations. This body helps to soften the size of the ground floor and three storeys on this side of the building.