Cultural complex in Igualada
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The buildings of the new cultural complex are planned as a formal and urban landmark within the city. The geographic fault between the top of the old enlarged area and the new enlarged area of facilities is the leitmotiv of the series of buildings of our project.

The link with the old centre is strengthened, from the Plaça de Cal Font to the new cultural complex through Carrer Milà i Fontanals, becoming its final section in a passage will be the introduction and exterior vestibule of the new cultural facility. From the centre the pedestrian walkway advances that links the old enlarged area with the new Pla de la Massa.

The auditorium, with its hanging volume, acts as an urban landmark to formally communicate the auditorium to the city. Its east façade welcomes the users coming from the city centre. The porches of the auditorium, which protect the users´ entrance, also serve as a starting point of the new pedestrian walkway. The volume of the auditorium, hanging over the containing wall, links the cultural complex with the rest of the city, taking the form of an image of reference.