New Hospital in Vigo
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The new hospital in Vigo is located on a large sloping site in the south part of Vigo, in an area where the city has lost its urban consistency and is totally occupied by small rural properties.

The location poses two scales of reading the building in regards to its setting. In a broader vision of the area it is presented as an intermediate place (of transit) of a route that begins in the city centre and crosses this semirural zone and the logistic complex to end in the university campus. In another, more close-up vision of the new building, it must be arranged so that it can enter into dialogue with the diverse irregularities of the site. We appreciate that it must be an emblematic building, but must not be an arbitrary building, capable of being a public reference point but incapable of operating with urban and landscapist normality.

The hospital must find the suitable scale, as well as the best relationship with the topography and the small neighbouring houses, so it must be capable of interpreting the tensions and the contradiction that the setting causes. The new Hospital of Vigo will have two clearly differentiated zones. One will contain the programme devoted to consultation and services and the other will occupy the hospitalisation zone. These two zones are joined by an intermediary one that will act as a connecting vestibule.

The large building will face and support the road, taking on the role of a volume representative of the whole as an exterior image. Its position as regards the road makes it serve as an acoustic and environmental protector of the hospitalisation units.